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    Sniff Happens! - Nosework For You And Your Dog

     What is Nosework? 

    Nosework is the newest and fastest growing sport activity for dogs and their owners.  Through our advanced and comprehensive training program you will learn how to develop your dog's natural scent ability to search for specific target odours by their love of toys, food and exercise.  This fun sport is open to all dogs regardless if they are dog reactive, fearful, senior, or have physical limitations.

    We make searching fun by engaging the dog in a game where they have to use their nose to search for target odours.  We will show you, the handler how to motivate, handle, read and reward the dog. The training is simple and fun for everyone from the most novice dog handler to the most seasoned trainer.

    Nosework is a great activity that will help strengthen the bond between dog and the handler as well as builds confidence, provides mental and physical energy and best of all is FUN!

    Introduction to Nosework and Odour - 

    Your ability to work as a team in a Nosework search will enhance the relationship and refine the communication you already share with your dog.

    • Learn the foundations of Nosework.
    • Learn how to motivate your dog to search by using their favourite treat or toy.
    • Learn how to develop, encourage, handle, read, and reward your dog's natural scenting abilities.
    • Learn techniques and tactics in building strong dog and handler teamwork.
    • Learn how to pair up target odours.
    Advanced Nosework - 
    • Continue to develop the handler's skills.
    • Introduce dogs to additional target odours and train them to search for the legal target odours of your choice!
    • Advanced searches that include container, interior, and exterior searches.
    • Advance to off-leash Nosework that focuses on more challenging training situations for both you and your dog.
    • Prerequisite - Introduction to Nosework and Odour.

    Nosework s a dog sport for those who desire an effortless activity that is fun … from puppies to seniors … kids to grandmas…. everyone can do Nosework!